Do You Feel Stuck With Dentures That Feel Loose Or Awkward?

The dentures provided to patients are custom-made so that they provide a comfortable fit and look natural. Unlike partial dentures, which can be retained to remaining teeth with discreet clasps, full dentures often depend on suction or epoxies to stay in place. While they can fit well for a time, people who wear them can find that they become less comfortable as time passes. What is causing this change? Tooth loss leads to problems with jawbone deterioration, as the loss of teeth means the loss of their roots. Without the roots, there is no longer any meaningful stimulation of your jawbone, so the bone loses access to nutrients that keep it healthy. Dental implant-held dentures can restore stimulation, which means they can protect you against this. You can also find that the support of dental implants gives you more confidence in the stability of your dentures when you bite, chew and speak!

Why Did My Dentures Stop Feeling Secure?

If your dentures feel less secure now than they used to, the problem could be with your jawbone. Losing teeth robs you of more than just your smile, or your ability to bite and chew effectively. When teeth roots are absent from your jawbone, the surrounding tissues no longer experience stimulation when you bite or chew. Without that stimulation to trigger it, your body stops the delivery of nutrients to the bone, which causes it to lose mass over time. As those changes take place, you can find that you have a more difficult time keeping your dentures in place.

Using Dental Implants To Hold Your Restoration

Dental implants are small titanium posts that are placed directly into your jawbone. When they are successfully placed, and you have time to heal, your implants have a custom denture put in position. Implants act the way roots do – they hold a restoration securely against your jawbone so that you can count on it to remain in place. They also stimulate the jaw, which helps you by preventing a loss of density. People who preserve a healthy jawbone remain safe against the oral health impact of deterioration, and they are protected against the development of a “sunken” look that can age them.

A Stable Restoration Will Help You Regain A Better Bite Function

Better bite support from your dental restoration means access to a wider variety of foods. In addition to confidently biting and chewing meals that you previously gave up, this makes it easier for you to keep a more nutrient-rich diet over time. Better bite stability also makes it less likely someone will experience TMJ disorder because of problems with their jaw movement.

Talk To Your Londonderry, NH Dentist About Implant-Held Dentures

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