Month: May 2020

You Should Feel Confident Biting With A Fixed Prosthetic

If you have a single tooth absent from your smile, it can force a change in your approach to biting and chewing foods, which can lead to several potential new oral health troubles. Over time, your adjustment may force changes in your jaw movement that create more stress, and eventually build to causing you persistent… Read more »

The Right Preventive Care Can Help You Avoid Tooth Loss

Are you doing enough today to avoid problems with tooth loss in the future? Your current behaviors can have more of a long-term impact on your smile, and your general health, than you might expect. By consistently practicing good oral hygiene, you can effectively protect yourself against gum disease. In addition to affecting your potential… Read more »

Urgent Dental Problem? We Offer Emergency Appointments!

If you injure a tooth, or start to experience pain that is hard for you to ignore, it can be difficult to wait for a routine appointment for restorative dental work. Our Londonderry, NH dentist’s office recognizes this, and are prepared to help when an issue calls for treatment on short notice. If necessary, we… Read more »

Set Up An Appointment To Have Your Injured Tooth Restored

If your injured tooth already has you worried today, you should know that its condition could worsen over time if you do not have it treated. Damage to your enamel can make further harm to a tooth more likely, and you may have a difficult time preventing an infection from affecting the tooth. At our… Read more »