Month: May 2019

3 Issues That Can Keep You From Showing Off Your Best Smile

Are you currently satisfied with the way your smile looks, or can you see at least one issue with your appearance that bothers you? People can have varying degrees of confidence in the appearance of their teeth, for many different reasons. While one person might have healthy, straight teeth that show signs of significant discoloration,… Read more »

This Is Why Dental Damage Can Require A Root Canal Treatment

In many treatments that involve a root canal procedure, the person undergoing care is in the dentist’s chair because of a cavity. With that said, root canals are not exclusively used for managing problems with tooth decay. You might not realize it, but one of the problems with untreated dental injuries is that your tooth… Read more »

Is A Dental Alignment Issue Increasing Your Cavity Risk?

You may be self-conscious about the way your smile looks because you have teeth that are poorly aligned. This discomfort with your appearance may be enough to motivate you to look into orthodontic work. However, if you are not ready to take action just due to cosmetic concerns, you should be aware that there are… Read more »

Wearing Your Invisalign Aligners In The Workplace

People begin orthodontic treatment at different ages, but an adjustment often takes place when a person is in their tween and teen years. Because braces are so connected with younger people, they can be associated with youthfulness. Unfortunately, this can make people hesitant to explore their orthodontic treatment options as adults, particularly when they work… Read more »