Month: April 2019

Digital Measurements Are Used For Your Invisalign Treatment

The process of planning your orthodontic treatment is an important one. To create the ideal custom Invisalign aligners for your smile, your dentist needs to have precise measurements of your current smile. In the past, dentists have relied on patients biting into plaster molds to create impressions of their bite. Creating these impressions could be… Read more »

A Root Canal Can Be Necessary For A Cracked Tooth

Because root canal treatments are required frequently when it comes to addressing tooth decay, you might have the impression that this procedure is “for” cavities. There are a few reasons this is incorrect – one is that not every cavity requires a root canal, and the other is that root canal treatments are sometimes needed… Read more »

Still In Pain After A Tooth Injury? Endodontic Care Can Help

The lingering pain that can occur after injuring your tooth can serve as a warning that deserves your attention. Persistent discomfort, as well as an increased sensitivity, can be symptoms of internal tooth problems. These problems can develop if your tooth is cracked, exposing your pulp to bacteria. With that said, you may develop internal… Read more »

The Role Root Canals Play In Addressing Tooth Decay

What kind of role should a root canal treatment play in addressing your cavity? That can depend on when your cavity was discovered, and how serious it is. When you keep up with regular dental exams, you make it more likely that any issue with tooth decay you experience can be identified and treated before… Read more »

We Are Ready To Provide The Endodontic Treatment You Need

In many cases, a person with an endodontic problem (a problem within their tooth) will be in need of a root canal treatment. Your Londonderry, NH dentist’s office can certainly provide this procedure. What you should know is that we are also ready to take on more difficult internal tooth problems. If you need work… Read more »