Month: February 2019

Is Lingering Pain A Warning That Your Tooth Is Infected?

A persistent aching in your tooth, or a frustrating issue with sensitivity to heat, cold, and sweets, could be a warning that your tooth has become infected. If it has, and you ignore the problem, you can leave yourself vulnerable to serious consequences. Your Londonderry, NH dentist is prepared to help you when a tooth… Read more »

How Concerned Should You Be About A Tooth Infection?

You should be aware that when you ignore a problem like tooth pain or sensitivity, you could be ignoring a potentially serious issue. These are symptoms a person may experience when they develop an internal tooth infection. When an infection is not treated, bacteria in your tooth can spread through the root, damage the tooth… Read more »

Providing A Better Patient Experience During Your Root Canal

While a root canal is hardly something to feel excitement over, you should know that the procedure is important for stopping a potentially serious endodontic problem. This restorative dental procedure protects you when you have a tooth develop an internal infection or damage. When internal problems are not addressed, you can experience serious discomfort, and… Read more »

Quality Endodontic Care Can Put A Stop To Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be an uncomfortable warning that your tooth has a problem. If you feel persistent discomfort, you could be experiencing the effect of an internal problem that demands endodontic care. Endodontic treatment, or a dental treatment focused on the interior of your tooth, can protect you against an issue like an advanced cavity,… Read more »