Month: November 2018

How Would You Like To Greet 2019 With A Brighter Smile?

How would you like to make the new year different from the last? If you want to feel more confident as you greet 2019, one thing you might want to consider is how you can improve your smile. A brighter smile can help you feel better prepared for social situations, and make you feel better… Read more »

What Do Regular Dental Cleanings Do For Your Oral Health?

What benefits do you gain by having your teeth professionally cleaned during your routine dental exam? What is it about this session that can make it more beneficial than care your provide your teeth at home? One thing you should know about this cleaning session is that it helps you by removing tartar, a substance… Read more »

How Does Single Tooth Anesthesia Benefit Patients?

When you see your Londonderry, NH dentist for restorative work, you can feel confident knowing that your comfort is a priority during your procedure. One benefit to the modern care you receive is that you can look forward to having a restoration that can limit any change to the way you look. When it comes… Read more »

Using The Right Tools To Closely Study Your Smile

A careful review of your smile can lead to your Londonderry, NH dentist recognizing – and treating – oral health concerns before complications can arise. While a visual inspection can be helpful, there are advanced imaging tools that can lead to important early detection. Recognizing tooth decay as soon as possible can lead to less… Read more »