Month: October 2018

Creating The Right Veneers To Fit Your Smile Needs

A custom cosmetic dental treatment can result in some impressive smile changes. What can you do to ensure that your smile receives the kind of improvements you want? Many patients have seen real benefits from having porcelain veneers created and placed. Your Londonderry, NH dentist’s office can talk to you about the changes you want… Read more »

Providing Smile Improvements By Addressing Wrinkles

Healthy, attractive teeth should be your priority. After all, the state of your teeth can affect your appearance, and how people perceive you. When your smile is bright, and free from problems with tooth shape and size, you can appear younger and healthier. With that said, your appearance is affected by more than just your… Read more »

Can A Lifelike Crown Offer Enough Support For Your Tooth?

A lifelike dental crown offers people with a problem tooth the chance to address harm while still maintaining their quality smile. The ceramic material used to construct your restoration manages to imitate your dental enamel to a remarkable degree, and the crown can be custom made in the ideal shape and size for you. Of… Read more »

3 Tips For Keeping Kids’ Teeth Safe From Halloween Candy

Halloween offers lots of fun activities, and an excuse to wear fun costumes. While trick-or-treating can be an important part of this holiday, the abundance of candy can create potential trouble for kids’ smiles. Because candy has high amounts of sugar, and may stick to teeth, there are real cavity risks to guard against. One… Read more »

Finding The Best Way To Address Your Dental Discoloration

Are changes to the color of a person’s smile always caused by enamel stains? This is certainly a common cause of cosmetic dental concerns. After all, even if you have successfully kept your smile safe from cavity troubles, a creeping accumulation of stains can have a negative overall impact on how you look. In these… Read more »