Month: July 2018

Flossing Can Help You Prevent Cavities And Gum Disease

What kind of steps do you take each day to protect your smile against threats like tooth decay and gum disease? Too many people attempt to rely on brushing as the sole method of keeping their teeth clean. Brushing is definitely important. By brushing twice a day, and taking two minutes each time to thoroughly… Read more »

Knowing When A Root Canal Treatment Is Needed

You may be aware that a root canal treatment is sometimes needed to address an oral health problem, but unsure of what situations actually require this procedure. Will your toothache result in a root canal, or some different treatment? How likely is it that your Londodnerry, NH dentist will tell you that a root canal… Read more »

Quiz: What To Expect From Your Experience With Cosmetic Work

What kind of results should you look forward to after you make a plan to enjoy cosmetic dental work? There are several treatments your dentist can use to make the kind of corrections you want to see for your appearance. Individuals will come to see their Londonderry, NH dentist’s office to address smile problems like… Read more »

Determining The Right Way To Address Dental Discoloration

Why should you care about what might have caused your dental discoloration? For many people, issues arise because stains have accumulated on their teeth over time. Your Londonderry, NH dentist’s office can help you address stains with a professional whitening treatment. The professional whitening agents used can help you to rid your enamel of stains… Read more »

Providing Important Dental Care For Young Patients

You know how important it is to protect your child’s smile, but they may be less aware of why they need to practice good dental care. Pediatric dental visits can be beneficial for the support they provide during each appointment. Your child can enjoy a careful, thorough teeth cleaning, and have their smile studied closely…. Read more »