Month: June 2018

Chronic Neck Pain May Be A Problem Your Dentist Can Solve

A chronic issue with neck pain can make it hard to feel comfortable during the day, it can distract you, and it can certainly impact your mood. If your neck pains are related to an issue with TMJ dysfunction, your problem should be brought to your dentist’s attention. People who have issues with their jaw… Read more »

The Benefits That Come With A Stable Dental Prosthetic

Tooth loss can cause a serious problem for the way you look when you smile, while also interfering with your oral health. Those oral health term effects can be experienced in the short term through a limited biting and chewing ability. If you have lost several teeth, you may find yourself cutting many different foods… Read more »

Explore Concord’s Outdoor Arts Market!

You can find great decorative pieces, artworks, and gifts while enjoying the sunny summer weather when you explore Concord’s Outdoor Arts Market! This weekly market will see a range of different artists setting up shop in a lovely outdoor setting, with wares that cover a number of different mediums and styles. If you want to… Read more »

Making Time To Find Out What Veneers Can Do For Your Smile

What makes porcelain veneers so effective at addressing cosmetic dental flaws? When you have custom veneers put in place, you can count on them to effectively address problems with the shape of your teeth, their condition, and even their color! This one procedure can do enough to essentially make over your smile, and transform the… Read more »

Quiz: Your Morning Habits, Your Smile, And Your Oral Health

When you take care of your oral health care needs in the morning, you can greet your coworkers with fresh breath, and take care to prevent cavities from forming. While you should be concerned with the condition of your smile throughout the day, oral care during the morning can be particularly important. In addition to… Read more »

Restoring Your Smile When You Have Multiple Issues To Treat

When a patient learns that they need to undergo a restorative dental treatment because of a cavity, they may feel frustrated, and anxious. While significant improvements in the field of dental work allow for more comfortable treatments, and more attractive restorations, the idea of dental work can be enough to upset some individuals. With that… Read more »

Which Approach To Teeth Whitening Is The Right One For You?

You know what you want at the end of your whitening treatment – a brighter, whiter smile free of frustrating stains and blemishes. With many whitening products available to you at the local grocery store, and access to your dentist’s cosmetic dental services, you may wonder which approach is the right one. While over the… Read more »

Take Part In Kids Day At The Concord Farmers Market

The farmers market can offer you access to terrific locally grown produce, and a number of other high quality goods. On Saturday, June 16, the Concord Farmers Market will offer up something extra in the form of its second annual Kids Day! In addition to having access to the impressive array of local products, the… Read more »

Encouraging Kids To Take Great Care Of Their Teeth

When their teeth first arrive, you will have an active role in addressing your child’s oral health needs. As they age, however, they will take on the responsibility of caring for their smile. How can you make sure they do a good job of cleaning their teeth? One thing that can help is to make… Read more »

Aggressive Brushing Can Wear Down Your Enamel

If you want to take the best possible care of your smile, you need to make sure you are brushing effectively. One mistake people can make is thinking that aggressive brushing is the right way to fully rid your smile of harmful oral bacteria. If you are brushing with too much force, and using a… Read more »