Quiz: Life After Your Prosthetic Dental Work

Receiving prosthetic dental work means having your full smile returned to you. If you are looking into replacing missing teeth, you may already have some idea of how modern care can help you enjoy fantastic results. Patients are able to enjoy permanently held restorations thanks to dental implants, which can lead to a more comfortable experience, and better dental function. Implants also help you keep your jawbone healthy, so you will not have to wear about the bone deteriorating. Different patients can suffer different consequences, and the number of teeth you have lost can affect your experience. With that said, you should know that there are significant benefits to gain from prosthetic work, even if you only have one missing tooth.


True Or False: Dental implants can provide you with a way to permanently keep your prosthetic in place.

True Or False: Partial dentures will allow you to address multiple lost teeth, even if those gaps are not adjacent.

True Or False: Because implants can take on key functions provided by the roots of teeth, they can help you prevent problems like jawbone resorption, which takes place after tooth loss.


True! Implants effectively anchor your prosthetic unit to your jawbone, creating a type of support that mimics the way the roots of your teeth offer stability. Once they are placed on an implant, restorations can be counted on to stay in place.

True! Partial dentures can make it possible to address several gaps with a single prosthetic unit, which means cutting down on the work you need, and having your full smile back sooner.

True! The roots of your teeth stimulate your jawbone, which triggers an important flow of nutrients to the bone. Implants can create this stimulation, too, and help you avoid losing mass, and support.

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