Month: March 2018

Is Invisalign The Right Solution For Your Smile Woes?

Poor dental alignment can make you unhappy with your smile, while also creating possible issues for your oral health. Many people assume that a problem with crooked teeth means they will need to have corrective work with metal braces, something that may leave them less than thrilled. If you want to straighten your teeth, but… Read more »

Making Restorative Treatments More Comfortable

Modern advances in dental treatment have brought about positive changes to the kind of care you can expect. One example can be found in how dental restorations have changed – it is possible to enjoy an esthetically pleasing crown or filling that will blend in with your smile. Improvements have also been made to help… Read more »

Enjoy The 2018 Storytelling Festival In Manchester!

On Saturday, April 7, the New Hampshire Institute Of Art will host its second annual Storytelling Festival! During this special event, you can enjoy a mixture of professional and amateur storytellers share tales wrapped around the theme of “intensity.” The program welcomes people who work in a number of different styles, with different levels of… Read more »

3 Issues That Can Negatively Impact The Color Of Your Smile

Avoiding teeth stains can be difficult. Even with smart preventive dental care habits, it is possible for stains to gather. You also have to contend with the fact that many foods and drinks, even healthy products, can leave behind particles that may dull your smile. To help you deal with this issue, your dentist can… Read more »

Why You Need To Take Nighttime Teeth Grinding Seriously

Ignoring a habit of grinding your teeth at night could lead to serious consequences for your oral health, as well as for how you look. In the short term, you may begin to accumulate signs of wear and tear on your teeth. This might make you look older, and it can make your smile appear… Read more »

Enjoying A More Comfortable Sleep Apnea Treatment

Treating sleep apnea is important – if nothing is done about this condition, it can have worrying health consequences. Many people who suspect they may have this problem will feel uneasy at the thought of wearing a CPAP machine when they sleep. Fortunately, an alternative approach to treatment can be provided by your dentist. Instead… Read more »

3 Habits That Can Lead To Smile Problems And Dental Damage

You may be surprised at how some of your daily behaviors can impact your smile, and how they can influence your oral health. Some of the decisions you make can have an obvious relevance to the condition of your teeth. For instance, your daily flossing habit, or your lack of flossing, can affect the chances… Read more »

See Great Local Art At Epsom Library’s Art Show

If you want to see terrific art work produced by talented people in the area, take time to see the Epsom Library’s ongoing art show! From now through Saturday, April 21, the library is hosting a collection of impressive works, with contributions from various members of the Lakes Region Art Association. In addition to showcasing… Read more »

Learning What You Can Gain From Receiving Veneers

If you want to make big improvements to your smile, but feel unsure of how those positive changes can be made, you may be excited by how veneers can help you. Your dentist can have custom porcelain veneers crafted for your smile, which will be able to cover any flaws currently affecting your teeth. Many… Read more »

Anticipating The Needs Of Anxious Patients

A patient’s needs are not limited to the kind of care needed to protect their smile. Some people will have a harder time at the dentist’s office due to feelings of anxiety. This can range from discomfort at the thought of restorative dental work to a general unease about any kind of care. What you… Read more »