Month: February 2018

Take Part In The Chili Cook-Off Fundraiser Feb 23

On Friday, February 23, Londonderry residents can enjoy an afternoon tasting a collection of top-notch chili recipes, or show off their own. The Women’s Council Of Realtors Southern New Hampshire are hosting the cook-off to help raise funds for their organization. Those interested can sign up to enter their chili in the competition, and compete… Read more »

Finding The Right Solutions For Different Cosmetic Problems

How much good can a cosmetic dental treatment do for your smile? When you identify the issue – or issues – that are disrupting your appearance, you can seek the appropriate cosmetic procedure, and see remarkable improvements. By targeting what has been holding you back, your dentist can make valuable changes to the look of… Read more »

Early Detection Can Change Your Cavity Treatment Experience

When a cavity is identified and treated in the early stages, you can limit the damage your tooth suffers, and limit the amount of restorative dental work you have to undergo. Many individuals, particularly those who fail to attend regular dental exams, may not come in for treatment until they are dealing with regular tooth… Read more »

Dental Troubles May Be The Cause Of Your Chronic Headaches

Why are you finding yourself at the mercy of chronic headaches? One reason people develop this problem, as well as pain in their neck, face, and jaw, is because they are having issues with their temporomandibular joints – their jaw joints, essentially. When you develop issues in this area, you can experience what is commonly… Read more »

Learning If You Can Be Approved For Dental Implants

For individuals who have suffered tooth loss, dental implants can be valuable to the recovery of their complete smile. With an implant-supported prosthetic, you can have a life-like dental restoration that improves on your ability to bite and chew food, meaning you can bring back a number of different items to your diet. Before your… Read more »

See “Almost, Maine” At Manchester’s Majestic Theatre

From Friday, February 16 through the 18th, you can enjoy a live performance of the romantic comedy “Almost, Maine.” This show, which is being performed at Manchester’s Majestic Theatre, takes audiences through a series of misadventures on a chilly night in the curious town of Almost, Maine. You can enjoy a mixture of laughs and… Read more »

How You Can Have Whiter Teeth After Just One Appointment

The color of your teeth can have a big influence on your appearance, and how confident you are in your smile. Unfortunately, while effective daily oral care can be effective against the threat of tooth decay, it can be less effective when you are trying to avoid the accumulation of stains in your enamel. Healthy… Read more »

3 Situations Where A Custom Oral Appliance Can Benefit You

A custom-made oral appliance can provide important care in a number of different situations. Based on your needs, your dentist may need to provide you with an insert to prevent harm during physical activity. In other cases, patients may need a mouth guard that protects their teeth specifically against teeth grinding. When you receive an… Read more »

Quiz: What Do Kids Need From Professional Dental Care?

Are your child’s oral health needs all that different from your own? There are plenty of common threats that you share. Even at an early age, an individual’s teeth are incredibly durable, but vulnerable to decay, particularly if insufficient dental care is provided. Kids face certain disadvantages because they are not as familiar with how… Read more »

Your Dentist Can Help You Overcome Your Dental Anxieties

You may have some feelings of hesitation upon learning that you need restorative dental work. Some anxiety can be natural, but negative feelings strong enough to make you delay, or even avoid, treatment is a concern. If your discomfort at the thought of undergoing care makes you put it off, you can give a cavity… Read more »