The Link Between Dental Care And Better Sleep

If you struggle to feel rested during the day, even after you enjoyed a full night’s sleep, you may be dealing with sleep apnea. Many people who suffer sleep apnea will snore through the night, but the problem is more than just this embarrassing symptom. People with sleep apnea have their breathing passages blocked frequently, causing their body to break the sleep cycle in order to correct the blockage. Because your sleep cycles are not completing, your body is not recovering appropriately while you sleep. This can lead to restlessness, as well as complications with heart disease and diabetes, among other symptoms. If you need treatment for sleep apnea, you can actually receive it from your dentist.

Your Dentist Can Help You Deal With Sleep Apnea (Without The CPAP Machine)

You might not realize it, but your dentist is equipped to help you deal with sleep apnea. In fact, they can even help you by treating your condition without the use of a CPAP machine. Instead of this device (which can be uncomfortable for many wearers), your dentist will equip you with a special oral appliance. That appliance keeps your jaw positioned so that your airways stay open while you sleep, meaning you will not have your rest interrupted by a lack of air.

Waking Up With Dental Pain? Bruxism May Be The Culprit

Sleep apnea is not the only condition that can affect your ability to wake up feeling rested. If you have a teeth grinding habit, you can spend your mornings in the grips of dental pain. Over time, you can even suffer a wearing down of teeth that leads to serious consequences. A custom mouth guard can keep your smile safe, and stop pain from impacting your mornings.

Talk To My Dentist In Londonderry, NH To Find Out How Dental Care Can Lead To Better Rest

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