Ignoring A Toothache Can Lead To Big Oral Health Troubles

Trying to gamely ignore tooth pain may cause you to leave a serious dental issue without treatment. That discomfort you are trying to tolerate may be a sign that your tooth is infected, and needs prompt treatment. This can happen if you have a cavity that has worked its way to your pulp, or if an injury has caused internal issues. By performing a root canal treatment, your dentist can eliminate these threats. However, if you go too long without the restorative dental work that you need, it could lead to major complications.

Why A Cavity Deserves Prompt Attention And Treatment

When you have a cavity, your dentist will have to take care of it, as there is no way for you to put a stop to it on your own. A cavity can eventually lead to the spread of bacteria through the root of your tooth, and on to your jawbone, where an infection can continue to spread. You can also lose your tooth because of the severe damage this causes.

If you want to make sure a cavity does not grow serious, attend regular dental checkups. These appointments include a careful review of your smile for evidence of decay, and detection can lead to treatment before complications develop.

Ignoring Dental Damage Can Lead To Prolonged Pain, Or Even An Infected Tooth!

If you hurt your tooth, you may leave yourself at risk of a harmful infection. If you feel persistent pain after an injury, make sure you see your dentist. There are times when a root canal is needed after physical dental trauma. By performing the procedure, and supplying you with a dental crown, your dentist can help you regain a totally healthy smile.

Reach Out To My Dentist In Londonderry, NH About A Toothache

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