Month: November 2017

Go Beyond Brushing If You Want To Protect Your Smile

Good brushing practices are essential if you want to maintain a healthy smile. That means making sure you brush effectively at least twice a day, using a toothpaste with fluoride, and replacing your brush when it becomes less effective. Of course, if you really want to make sure your smile stays in the best possible… Read more »

How Tooth Loss Can Create Issues With Proper Dental Function

Our jaw function depends on the presence of all of our teeth. If you have just one missing tooth, it can impede your ability to bite and chew, and generally make your life more difficult. Modifying your jaw functions can put a greater demand on remaining teeth, and speed up their rate of wear and… Read more »

Modern Fillings Offer Discreet And Dependable Support

Even a small cavity leaves your tooth with damage that needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, your enamel will not be able to repair itself after your cavity is addressed, but your dentist can help by providing you with a dental filling. Modern dental fillings are made with a composite resin material. This substance is popular… Read more »

Teaching Kids The Importance Of Good Smile Care

How long should you wait before addressing dental care with your child? It is important to understand that once their baby teeth start to arrive, they face the threat of cavities, just like we do. If you want to make sure that your child’s smile stays healthy over the years, starting preventive dental care at… Read more »

Take On Merrimack’s Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

On Saturday, November 18, you and your family can test your scavenging skills by joining Merrimack’s Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt! During the hunt, you will have a scavenger card, and you will receive a list with clues to help you figure out where to find the paper turkeys hidden in town. The top three participants will… Read more »

3 Things To Consider If You Have Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety can seriously complicate a person’s ability to maintain the healthiest possible smile. Different people will inevitably have different feelings about going to the dentist’s office, particularly if they need some form of restorative dental care. That being said, some individuals feel a sense of fear at the idea of even going in for… Read more »

Make Your Smile Notably Brighter With A Whitening Treatment

Our preferences for things like coffee in the morning, or red wine with dinner, can lead to frustrating stains in our teeth. These may be hard to notice at first, but over time, you may find yourself bothered by the dullness of your smile. If you want to address discoloration, talk to your dentist about… Read more »

Major Smile Improvements Are Possible With Porcelain Veneers

If you feel that your smile is currently being affected by multiple dental flaws, you may expect that you will need to undergo several cosmetic dental treatments to make big changes. Many patients who are interested in making esthetic changes to their smile will be pleasantly surprised by how much improvement they can enjoy with… Read more »

Quiz: Situations That Can Call For A Dental Crown

Not every problem with a tooth will require a dental crown. It is possible to catch tooth decay in time to make sure you only need a dental filling. If you are addressing a chipped or cracked tooth, the damage may be superficial enough that cosmetic dental work is all that is needed to fix… Read more »

What Kinds Of Problems Can My Dentist Find During A Checkup?

What sort of problems might affect your oral health? People are typically well aware of why they need to keep their smile free of cavities. While decay is certainly a common threat, it is not the only one your dentist is on the lookout for when you come in for a routine dental treatment. The… Read more »