Month: October 2017

Take Part In The Quarrybrook November Community Event

The Quarrybrook Experiential Center’s November Community Event will offer families a chance to enjoy an invigorating and informative morning hike. During the event, several variations of the hike will be offered. There will be a kid-friendly guided tour, a tour dedicated to the history of the area, and a walk dedicated to art and photography…. Read more »

Addressing Wrinkles Around Your Smile

You may have a bright, healthy set of teeth, and still be self-conscious about your smile due to the presence of wrinkles. If you are looking for a way to correct flaws with the skin around your mouth, your dentist can actually help you with this. Botox injections will help you avoid the formation of… Read more »

3 Things About Restorative Dental Care That May Surprise You

Modern restorative dental care may be drastically different than what you imagine it to be. If you have been fortunate enough to stay cavity-free for an extended number of years, you can be unaware of how changes to the field have improved the patient experience. Your dentist can provide you with a treatment that is… Read more »

Taking Time To Learn About Recurring Jaw Pain

You should not feel like you have to put up with ongoing jaw pains, or difficulties with speaking and eating. These problems could be symptoms of TMJ dysfunction, something your dentist can help you address. TMJ dysfunction refers to persistent problems with your jaw joints. The cause of these issues can vary. It may be… Read more »

Check Out the “War And Wings” Exhibit At The Aviation Museum

Starting on Friday, November 3, and running through Sunday, December 10, the “War And Wings” exhibit at the Aviation Museum Of New Hampshire will showcase a series of vintage posters from World War I. This exhibit will display a series of propaganda pieces used to inspire support for the war efforts, as well as aviation… Read more »

Teaching Young Children The Importance Of Good Dental Care

Educating young children on the importance of good dental care can help them enjoy fewer dental oral health problems over the course of their lifetime. Once your child’s baby teeth start to arrive, they face threats for problems like tooth decay. When you make sure they are aware of how to properly care for their… Read more »

Are Your Dentures Making You Uncomfortable?

Many people who need to receive a set of dentures can operate under the impression that their prosthetic will have to be held in place with epoxies, or natural suction. If you already have dentures, and rely on these methods, you may find yourself frustrated by a lack of stability. Over time, you may find… Read more »

Will Cavity Work Have An Effect On How I Look?

Does the presence of a cavity mean the end of your attractive smile? It is true that a cavity causes permanent damage, so technically, that tooth is permanently altered. You will need to have a restoration permanently placed on your tooth. While many people assume that a dental filling or dental crown might be conspicuous,… Read more »

Avoid Causing Excess Wear And Tear On Teeth

Our teeth will inevitably suffer wear and tear over the years. After all, they have a tough job, and we need them to regularly chew through food. That being said, it is possible to cause excess wear and tear. If this takes place, your smile can appear less healthy, and make you look older. Your… Read more »

See The NH Phil Kick Off Their Season At Stockbridge Theater

On Sunday, October 29, you and your family can check out the NH Phil’s first performance of the 2017-2018 season at Derry’s Stockbridge Theater. The performance, Visions Of The New World, will feature several iconic pieces, with a unifying theme of music about America. This performance will allow your family to enjoy a rich, stirring… Read more »