Screening And Detection For Serious Oral Health Concerns

If you think your dentist is only worried about finding cavities during a routine dental checkup, you can be surprised at the range of issues they watch for. Standard exams do give your dentist a chance to watch out for cavities, and these examinations are important – catching a cavity sooner means sparing more dental material from decay. However, they are also checking for oral cancer, a potentially life-threatening condition. Catching oral cancer earlier in its development means having a better chance of fighting it. VELscope offers an advanced method to check you for this condition.

Why Your Dentist Uses VELscope To Check For Oral Cancer

Thanks to VELscope, your dentist has a more advanced means of checking you for oral cancer. This diagnostic technology relies on fluorescence to make tissue abnormalities more detectable. Thanks to VELscope, your dentist is more likely to catch warning signs that a visual exam alone can miss.

Regular Checkups Make Early Detection And Treatment More Accessible

As with any other oral health problem, your dentist would much rather catch a problem early. Simply put, early detection improves your odds of successful treatment. While the consequences of overlooking oral cancer can be more dire than other, more common conditions, you should be mindful that regular exams are better for your overall oral health. Catching a cavity early means undergoing restorative dental treatment before your problem is serious enough to demand a root canal. If you show signs of poor gum health, your dentist can step in and provide treatment before your condition progresses to a more advanced stage.

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