Month: August 2017

What Kind Of Threat Is Sugar REALLY Posing Your Smile?

If you are unsure of how sugar poses a threat to your smile, you can be less inclined to take its threat to your seriously. Sugar by itself is not what causes cavities. Oral bacteria on your teeth feed on the sugars that stick to your teeth, and that interaction leads to the production of… Read more »

3 Benefits Kids Gain Through Regular Dental Checkups

Caring for young smiles can present unique challenges. This is not because their teeth are in a weakened state, but because kids face the disadvantage of being less informed, and less familiar with proper dental care. They also face the risk of structural abnormalities. Improper development of the jaw can be easier to address in… Read more »

Can I Really Take A Professional Whitening Kit Home?

If you want a professional quality cosmetic dental treatment, it has to happen in your dentist’s office, right? There are many procedures available through your dentist that can make notable improvements to your smile, including a ZOOM! whitening treatment. That being said, your dentist can prepare you a whitening kit that you can take home… Read more »