Month: August 2017

Take Part In Family Fun Night At Carriage Shack Farm

At Carriage Shack Farm, Londonderry families can come out to enjoy a day in nature that is filled with fun activities. On Thursday nights, the farm has operated special evening hours so that they could welcome familes for Family Fun Night. These weekly events have offered animals to pet, a covered wagon ride, an open… Read more »

Quiz: Would I Qualify For Cosmetic Dental Work?

If you feel unhappy with the current state of your smile, you may be ready to make a change by undergoing cosmetic dental work. Many patients can make big improvements by having a procedure performed by their dentist. However, some people may learn that they have issues that need to be addressed before moving forward… Read more »

Dealing With A Tooth That Is Chipped Or Cracked

A chipped or cracked tooth can create real oral health issues, and act as a cosmetic nuisance. The significance of the problem will depend on the severity of the damage. If you suffer a more significant physical injury, restorative dental care will be needed to support your tooth. These injuries can make it easier for… Read more »

What You Gain From Your Preventive Dental Appointments

Why is professional preventive dental care worth your time when you already take care to brush and floss your teeth? Ongoing daily care is certainly crucial to maintaining a healthy smile, but the value of a dental cleaning and exam will go beyond the kind of treatment you can offer your smile on your own…. Read more »

Why Patients Benefit From Single-Tooth Anesthesia

How does single-tooth anesthesia alter the traditional dental treatment experience? One issue that leaves many patients wary when they come in for restorative dental work is the prospect of having their mouth numbed. While this can certainly reduce discomfort during your procedure, you may be unhappy with the effect after you leave the office. That… Read more »

Why Include Dental Implants In Your Prosthetic Experience?

Should you be satisfied with a dental prosthetic that comes without the support of dental implants? You can certainly enjoy a positive experience receiving a dental bridge, partial dentures, and full dentures that are not supported with implants. That being said, implants can provide an added degree of stability to a prosthetic restoration, and can… Read more »

Check Out The Derry Homegrown Farm And Artisan Market

Have you made it out to the Derry Homegrown Farm And Artisan Market yet? This weekly event provides you and your family a place to go for a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, artisan crafts, and entertainment. The market, which will run every Wednesday until September 20. Throughout these weekly openings, there will be… Read more »

Addressing Mouth Wrinkles With Botox And Dermal Fillers

By undergoing treatment with Botox, you can prevent the formation of embarrassing and unsightly wrinkles around your mouth that affect your smile. This can make a big difference in your appearance. Your teeth are certainly a major component of your smile, but the condition of your skin around your mouth will also play a part… Read more »

Quiz: Seeking Treatment For An Advanced Cavity

Advanced cavities can pose a significant threat to your tooth, and create trouble for your oral health. What distinguishes an advanced cavity from a minor one? Simply put, leaving a cavity without the appropriate restorative dental treatment allows it to grow and worsen, which puts you in more danger of suffering complications. Tooth decay will… Read more »

How A Custom Mouthguard Protects Your Child’s Teeth

Sports can be an important part of childhood. Your child can learn from their experiences on the field, and it can be helpful to their social and personal development. Of course, even in youth sports, there are risks. If you want to keep your child’s smile protected, you can have them receive a custom-made mouthguard…. Read more »