Root Canal Therapy Can Take Care Of Serious Tooth Decay

Once bacteria have access to your pulp – and the opportunity to attack your tooth’s living tissue – you can be in for an uncomfortable experience. An advanced stage of tooth decay can lead to serious discomfort, and make it more difficult to bite and chew food. You can even lose your tooth! Root canal therapy involves the accessing of your tooth’s interior, and the safe removal of all signs of infection in your root and pulp. By performing this procedure, your dentist can save your tooth from serious harm, and bring an end to your ongoing tooth pain.

Making Sure Your Root Canal Experience Is As Comfortable As Possible

Patients can dread an upcoming root canal, but your dentist can help you have the most comfortable possible experience. One way to offer improved comfort is through single tooth anesthesia. Single tooth anesthesia avoids much of the inconvenience created by the traditional anesthetic approach, which would leave you walking out of your dentist’s office with a numb mouth. This could be uncomfortable, and lead to embarrassment. A targeted dulling of sensation in the tooth being worked on provides you with a more comfortable experience, while offering you protection from discomfort.

Preventive Care Can Lead To Cavity Detection Before Your Pulp Is Affected

A better experience with root canal therapy is good for patients. However, your dentist would still rather see you stay free of any need for this restorative dental work. Regular dental checkups put you in front of your dentist on a regular basis, and will help them catch evidence of decay before your condition calls for a root canal.

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