Quiz: Responding To Bruxism And TMJ Dysfunction

If you leave the issue of bruxism unaddressed, you may find yourself in the dentist’s chair having restorative dental work done to repair teeth. Patients who are compelled to grind their teeth at night are doing more than just straining their jaw, or making their teeth sore in the morning. You generate enough power when you clench your teeth to cause worrying chips and cracks. Your dentist can help you stop this problem by providing you with a mouth guard that keeps your teeth safe. TMJ dysfunction, a problem that often accompanies bruxism, can also be treated with an oral appliance you wear at night.


True Or False: Your dentist can provide an appliance that stops you from grinding your teeth, but no appliance can help you with jaw alignment issues.

True Or False: You cannot generate enough force when you bite down to do anything more than minor dental damage.

True Or False: TMJ dysfunction can lead to problems with more than just your jaw joints – you may also experience pain in your face and neck, and suffer from headaches.


False! Your dentist can have an oral appliance crafted that will help with TMJ dysfunction by holding your jaw in a position that creates better alignment.

False! Your jaws are strong, and while your teeth are tough, they can suffer real damage when you grind them. Patients who come in with damage caused by bruxism can require dental crowns in order to address the harm certain teeth have endured.

True! Jaw problems can be a possible source of the problem when you have chronic headaches. You can also feel pain in your face and neck.

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