A Dental Crown Can Offer Restorative And Cosmetic Benefits

A dental crown is put in place to protect a vulnerable tooth. This is often done for a tooth affected by a cavity, but crowns are also used to safeguard teeth that are harmed in injuries. By providing this restorative dental service, your dentist hopes to keep your tooth safe, and to preserve your ability to comfortably and confidently bite and chew. Thanks to the use of ceramic dental material, you can actually have a crown that protects your appearance, even as it protects your tooth. The material is popular because it effectively helps you keep your smile looking good, while also providing protection.

Using Ceramic To Create Life-Like Crowns

The ceramic material used to make dental crowns can be matched to the color of your neighboring teeth, so that your restoration does not stand out. While this cosmetic benefit is important, ceramic would not be effective if the material failed to withstand biting and chewing pressures. Luckily, in addition to looking like your enamel, ceramic is able to offer functional support, too.

Using Crowns And Dental Implants To Address Tooth Loss

While crowns are commonly considered protection for existing vulnerable teeth, some patients will have them placed to replace them. After a dental implant is put in place, your dentist can use a dental crown to act as a prosthetic. The material’s life-like appearance and durability will help you feel good about how you look, while also helping you function like normal when biting and chewing. Implant-supported prosthetic care offers patients the opportunity to show off a healthy, natural-looking smile, and they also offer protection against common tooth loss-related issues like jawbone deterioration.

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